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ACE Offers Full Range Of PCBs 

RF/Microwave PCB;  Rigid PCB (1-30Layer) ;    Flexible PCB(1-6Layer) ;    Rigid-Flex PCB 

Prototype;     Small Volume;     Medium Volume;     Mass Production 

Telecomunication PCB;  Automotive PCB;  Industrial PCB;  Medical PCB; LED PCB 

Consumer Electronics PCB; Electronic Security PCB;  Power Supply PCB; Aero PCB  

About ACE Electech Ltd

ACE Electech is a reliable one-stop PCB solution supplier. Fast Prototyping and Quick-Turn Production are available. High-Mix & Low-Volume orders are welcome. Our PCBs have been applied in the Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, and Telecommunication fields.

ACE Eletech's esteemed customers come from various businesses around the World. And our products and service are highly appreciated by customers. The customers take delight in cooperating with us as a long-term business partner.

Any inquiries and suggestions on ACE Electech are cordially welcome!

We can offer all of these benefits :

  • Full-range of PCB
  • Prompt Response
  • Technical Support
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Approachable Service

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