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ACE ELECTECH LTD esteemed customers from various business industries worldwide to buy PCB products. Customers highly appreciate our products and service. The customers take delight in cooperating with us as a long-term business partner in the worldwide market. Our knowledge and experience in the PCB industry tell us that More than 30% of the Gerber files we gathered from our customers have some issues, generally, ambiguous information, design errors, missing information & layers, and confects between the Gerber data and PCB fabrication instructions.

Although our sales engineers have a good knowledge of PCB manufacturing and PCB design, they are not real PCB designers and cannot wholly understand customers' design goals. In such circumstances, customers must make sure all file dates are accurate and don't have issues, especially design issues, some of which wouldn't be regarded as issues in the view of PCB manufacturers or others who are not original PCB designers. Customers need to follow some principles below to prevent unnecessary losses when submitting files for PCB production.

Having many years of experience in PCB manufacture, we found many customers put different layers in the same one when submitting Gerber files to us for PCB fabrication. Although most time our well-trained sales engineers can tell the difference and separate them correctly.

ACE ELECTECH LTD has consistently provided customers with outstanding quality control and an excellent management system. Most importantly, the dedicated engineers at ACE ELECTECH LTD can assist customers through all stages of the design process to buy PCB products.