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PCB Capability OF ACE

 Rigid PCB (1-30Layer) ;    Flexible PCB(1-6Layer) ;    Rigid-Flex PCB 
 Prototype ;     Small Volume ;     Medium Volume ;     Mass Production  

 HDI,  Up to the 3rd Step Blind  &  Buried Via technologies, Embedded Resistance, Embedded Capacity, 

   Hybrid, Partial hybrid, Partial high density, Back drilling,

 Backplanes and thick PCBs up to 8mm 
 Heavy copper < = 6 oz Inner / outer layer

 Materials:FR-4 (Standard FR4, Mid-Tg FR4,Hi-Tg FR4, Lead free assembly material) , Halogen-Free, 

   Ceramic filled , Teflon, Polyimide, BT, PPO, PPE, Hybrid, Partial hybrid, Rogers; Taconic; Arlon; Rogers+FR4 

 High Frequency, Low Loss, CAF resistant 

 Fast turnaround ; High-Mix & Low Volume

Manufacturing Limits 

Maximum Number of Layers = 30 

Maximum Board thickness = 8.0mm

Minimum Board thickness = 0.3mm

Minimum Core thickness = 0.05mm

Minimum Plated Through Hole(Mechanical) = 0.15 mm 

Minimum Blind & Buried Hole (Laser drill) = 0.075 mm

Minimum Track & Gap = 0.075 mm

Max Circuit Size Plated Through = 800 x 600 mm 

Max Circuit Size Multilayer = 800 x 600 mm

Aspect Ratio = 18:1

Metallic Coatings 

Hot Air Solder Level (Lead Free)
Immersion Silver (Alphalevel) 
Immersion Tin 
Electroless Nickel & Gold(ENIG)
Electrolytic Nickel & Gold (Gold Flash)

Electrolytic Silver (Immersion Silver)

Gold Finger

Organic Coatings 

Photo imageable Solder Resist (Variety of colours available) 
Peelable Solder Mask (Various types available) 
Component Silkscreen Identification (Variety of colours available) 
Carbon Ink (Used for switch contacts)


Special Products/Services

FR-4 (High Tg /Helogen Free)


Polyimide High Temperature Multilayer PCB's 
Manufacturing PTFE Materials 
Bonded Heat Sinks 

Controlled Impedance +/-5%