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Price based the standard:
Min. Hole size >0.3mm
Min. Line Width/Space > 5/5mil
Without Blind/Buried VIA hole,
Max. Slot < 10 slots/Pc
No special Process

Currency: USD

Setup & E-test frame are NRE. Charged on first order

All Auto-quote results are for reference Only.We need all files

and gerbers to confirm the price

by Sales department. 

If you would like to get
a Quick & Accurate
PCB Quote,
Please E-mail the Gerber
& Read me files to

Contact : Adrian Wone

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Material Type:
Board Type:
Board Thickness:
Board Size: X mm UP
Order Quantity: pcs
Outer Copper thickness:
Surface Finish:
Freight Cost:
Shipping adress:
Solder mask: Legend:

Standard Lead time For Medium Qty

Layer Count 1-2 layer 4 layer 6 layer 8-layer & Above
Working days 10days 12days 15days 20days