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PCB Prototyping Manufacturer: ACE ELECTECH LTD

ACE ELECTECH LTD, the leading PCB Prototyping solutions provider, has announced the addition of a Design for Manufacture PCB Prototyping Manufacturer. DFM plus will allow potential issues to be fixed in the PCB design phase to ensure manufacturability by ACE. By using the DFMplus tool, design engineers can verify their PCB design before placing their order, resulting in a much smoother ordering process.

ACE ELECTECH LTD is a PCB manufacturer specializing in PCB prototypes and low-volume PCB production. Our fabrication services offer a high level of customization to suit all prices and requirements.

Founded in the summer of 2000, we have grown from our humble beginnings as a garage PCB lab to a fully-fledged high-tech PCB factory with a three mil process and multilayer PCB capability.

“Engineers simulate their project schematics before committing them to physical layout. Our DFMplus tool fulfills a similar role before committing the physical layout to actual metal-and-fiberglass,” said ACE ELECTECH’s Director” customers can pre-check their design files as early and as often as they like; they receive a complete and comprehensive report of all meaningful DRC and DFM issues in their design file; they can make modifications and fix mistakes BEFORE ordering their first physical board set, giving them greater peace of mind and reducing the number of board spins necessary to complete their prototype phase.”